Tired of doing it all!

Dr. Dae, I know it’s a good idea to have a night planned for just mommy and daddy but I resent the fact that I’m the one that has to plan it – not my husband. He has no problem planning a golf outing or a card night with friends so why is it so difficult for him to take control and make the plans? Thank you.

Good for you for pursuing the elusive DATE NIGHT! In my article I encourage you to ASK to get your needs met. Instead of simply hoping and being disappointed time and time again (which eventually leads to the resentment you mentioned).
He may be accustomed to you making the plans around the house, he may think you don’t mind or he just may not have thought of it himself. Barring any other conflicts, let your husband know how much you’d like a “throwback date”. One where chivalry abounds, HE takes the reigns and you get swept off your feet. Set a timeline so you can arrange for the kiddos to be taken care of (and so he knows you’re serious).
Share with him that you are eagerly anticipating some time alone and reinforce his efforts with a playful phone call, e-mail or text. Don’t be shy about letting him know that you appreciate his taking the initiative and that he just may get lucky as a result!
~Dr. Dae

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