More Than Words…

The fact that ANYONE thinks that this is about Trump “saying an offensive word” and not about the sexual assault of women means I have a lot more #@$!%* work to do.

See that? I censored that curse word. Know what I won’t censor? Talking openly about rape culture. Know what else I won’t censor? Myself using a slang term for women’s genitalia like, say, I don’t know… PUSSY.

It’s not your fault that you are so uncomfortable. It’s not your fault that you don’t know the difference between me saying the word PUSSY and a man of considerable power joking with another man that he “grabs THEM by the pussy” and “you can do anything” to women without their consent. It is the fault of our broken sexuality education system, our broken media, and our broken criminal justice and judicial systems.

If you are posting the 50 Shades meme or if you still can’t see “what all the fuss is about”, I will offer to come to your home, work, school, agency, or provide a Skype call FREE OF CHARGE for a session to chat about how, by us being so uncomfortable with our own sexuality, we have become desensitized to the real issues.

The real issue isn’t saying the word PUSSY. The real issue is that we have become a community of sheepish, laugh-along-by-standers because of our own shame about SEX.
We can’t talk about sex openly and honestly. We are afraid. So we stick our heads in the sand. We pretend we’re just as comfortable with it as the next guy. In doing so, we dismiss “jokes” about sexual assault. We regurgitate hurtful, antiquated and unfair stereotypes like “she was asking for it” or “boys will be boys” or it’s “JUST LOCKER ROOM BANTER”.

So I am here.
I am here, ready to have one honest conversation at a time about your guilt, shame and embarrassment surrounding sex.
I am here, ready to help you educate your children so we can truly stop the cycle of sexual violence against women, men and children.
I am here, ready take your calls, texts or e-mails.
I’ll be waiting…

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