Take a compliment!

Dear Dr Dae~
I am the first to tell this to everyone I know, yet find it near impossible to practice myself. Why is it so difficult to accept compliments and praise from others? Even when inside you know you might kind of deserve it, there is still that shadow of doubt?

It takes some exploration of your self-talk. Sadly, more often than not, we are our own worst enemies rather than our own biggest fans. Challenge negative messages that you may still be carrying around with you from childhood. I am not playing the blame-game here, but many of us adopt a critical voice from the past and make it our own. Reject those old tapes playing over and over! Be very aware of how you speak to yourself… what may seem insignificant (berating oneself for making a mistake) impacts self esteem and self worth long term. Daily affirmations can help as well as surrounding yourself with positive and loving people who encourage you to practice what you preach… because you deserve it.
~Dr. Dae

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